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Add basic Event model

parent c4e3e1a6
from .client import SchemaRegistry, Schema
from .reflection import SchemaReflector
from .models import Event
from .errors import SchemaRegistryError, ModelNotRegisteredError
......@@ -147,6 +147,11 @@ class SchemaRegistry:
include=set(["schema_arn", "schema_name", "schema_version"])
def reflect_event(self) -> Dict[str, SchemaReflector]:
def send_event(
self, event_bus, sender, model: BaseModel, extra_resources: List[str] = None
from typing import List, Optional, Dict, Literal
from datetime import datetime
from pydantic import create_model, BaseModel, Field, PrivateAttr
from pydantic import create_model, BaseModel, Field, PrivateAttr, Json
from .utils import camel_generator
......@@ -57,3 +57,30 @@ class _SchemaVersionsPageModel(_AWSResponseModel):
class _SchemaPageModel(_AWSResponseModel):
schemas: List[_SchemaModel]
class Event(BaseModel):
event_version: str
id: str
detail_type: str = Field(..., alias="detail-type")
detail: Json
source: str
account: str
region: str
time: datetime
resources: List[str]
def schema_registry(self) -> str:
return self.detail_type.split("/", 1)[0]
def schema_version(self) -> str:
return self.detail_type.split(":")[1]
def model_name(self) -> str:
return self.detail_type.split("/")[1].split(":")[0]
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