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# TEST OAuth2 for Django
This project aims to provide a simple, plug-and-play method of adding _TEST
Alliance Please Ignore_ OAuth2 authentication to your Django app.
## Installation
You _should_ be able to install the library as follows:
pip install git+ssh://
Then, add `test_oauth` to the list of installed apps in your Django app. Also
add a URL entry for the authentication application:
url(r'^auth/', include('test_oauth.urls', namespace='test_oauth')),
## Settings
There are some additional settings you should add to your Django settings file
but they're pretty self-explanatory:
* `TEST_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID`: The client ID of your TEST OAuth2 app.
* `TEST_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET`: The client secret of your app.
* `TEST_OAUTH_CLIENT_CALLBACK`: The _exact_ callback URI of your app.
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